Dharani: Telangana State Land Records

Dharani portal Telangana

What is Pahani Telangana?

Pahani is the legal document is related to the land records and it is issued by the tahsildar. Pahani is also known as adangal. It contains all data of lands in document like each and every person in family and ownership, survey number, area,khata number. Pahani is like a revenue record. You can check the pahani Telangana through the ccla Telangana website online.

Application for Mutation(TM3) in dharani Telengana

Step 1: Visit to the dharani portal Telangana

Step 2: Log in and click on to the application for Mutation (TM3) option

Step 3: Next choose yes or no if you choose yes enter pattadar passbook number

TS land records

Step 4: If you choose no then select district, mandal, village,sub division and khata number

Step 5: After click on the fetch option

Details required for mutation :

  1. Registration :
    • Year, Document number and SRO Office
  2. Personal details :
    • Age ,occupation, gender aadhaar number, applicant and father/husband name
  3. property details:
    • Survey number,khata number, district, village, mandal , extent available and claimed
  4. Documents to be uploaded :
    • Registration and EC documents

How to search for EC details(IM4) on dharani portal Telangana

Step 1: Go through dharani portal online

Step 2: Then login and click on the search for EC details option (IM4)

Dharani portal Telangana

Step 3: Next select district, mandal, village, sub division /survey number and khata number

Step 4: After that click on fetch button

Application for succession(TM4) in dharani portal Telangana

Step 1: Visit to dharani portal Telangana

Step 2: login first and then click on the application for succession(TM4) option

Land records of Telangana state

Step 3: Next if you select yes then give your passbook number and mutation type then click on fetch option

Step 4: whether you select no then choose your district, village, mandal,sub division and khata number after that click on fetch option

Details required to succession in Telangana land records dharani portal:

  • Property details:
    • Names of district, mandal, village, survey number,khata number, survey number, extent available and claimed
  • successor details:
    • Family members details, aadhaar number,age, gender, occupation, application and father/husband name
  • Payment

Documents to be uploaded :

  • Death certificate and joint aggreement of legal heirs

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