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What is the ccla Telangana portal?

The ccla Telangana portal is also a official website of Telangana government the ccla Telangana government contains the status of our land in Telangana state. In this portal we can check our electricity bill details, taxes like CDMA/GHMC and also we can pay our bills through this website.

Application for NALA in dharani portal Telangana (TM 6)

Step 1: Visit to the dharani portal Telangana

Step 2: Click on the application for NALA (TM 6) option

NALA application Telangana

Step 3: Next login with your details then again select the TM 6 option

Step 4: Then enter your Mutation type, type of conversion and pattadar passbook number

Step 5: After that Click on the fetch option

Application for NALA without PPB (TM 7)

Step 1: Go through the dharani portal Telangana state

Step 2: Click on the (TM 7) option of application for NALA without PPB

Step 3: Then Log in with your details and again click the same option located left menu

NALA application without PPB dharani Telangana

Step 4: Next provide your details like district,mandal, village, sub-division no/survey no and khata number

Step 5: After that press the fetch option

Note: For more information of your Telangana Land Records provide your land details like documents and SRO Office in the page.

Application for Mortgage in Telangana land records portal

Step 1: Open the official portal dharani.com

Step 2: Next login with your registered mobile number and password

Step 3: Then click on the application for Mortgage option

Ccla Telangana

Step 4: After that provide your details required like nature of deed, nature of sub deed and PPB no

Step 5: Then finally press on the fetch option

Frequently Asked Questions :

  • How to pay CDMA property tax in ccla Telangana ?

Ans: Open ccla Telangana portal click on the know your land status option then press the CDMA property option after that provide the details required then click on the search option then you can pay your tax.

  • How to pay CDMA vacant tax of in ccla Telangana portal ?

Ans: Go through the ccla Telangana portal again click the know your your land status option then click the CDMA vacant tax option after that enter your details next type the captcha and then press the search option.

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