AP Land Records – Mee Bhoomi | Online Download

The government of AP created an official website on June 2015. Name of the Website is meebhoomi.com. The revenue department of AP handles all the data in this website. In this website the data is land records os AP. Every citizen of AP easily access their land records data on this portal. It is available to everyone to check their details of land records in AP.

The website is developed and designed by the National Informatics centre NIC . The content was managed and published by the revenue department of AP government. Here each and every citizen of AP can access their land data. The portal provide land ownership, survey number,area and etc.

Process of checking Adangal land records of AP online

  • Visit to the official website meebhoomi.com
  • Click on to the Adangal option on main menu.
  • Choose the option Adangal or village Adangal on the drop down menu.
  • Next select any option like aadhar number, survey number and automation records on the page .
  • After that choose your village name ,zone name, mandal name, district name and survey number.
  • Then enter the given captcha and click on to the submit button.
  • Now you can check your land records .

Process of download AP land records 1-B Mee Bhoomi online

  • Visit to official website meebhoomi.com
  • Click on to 1-B option on the menu.
  • Click on to the your 1-B option on the drop down menu.
  • Choose your option like aadhaar number, account number and survey number.
  • Give your village name, zone name, mandal name and district name.
  • Enter the captcha given click on to the submit button.

How to get the Pass book of AP land records Mee Bhoomi

  • Visit to the official website meebhoomigov.com
  • Click on to the electronic passbook on the menu .
  • Give your details like district name, village name and zone name.
  • Type your survey number after that click on to the submit button.

Procedure to download FMB On Mee Bhoomi portal

  • Log on the official website meebhoomigov.com
  • Select the link of FMB on the menu.
  • Choose your district name, village name, survey number and zone name on the drop down menu.
  • Enter the captcha given and press the submit button.
  • Then the FMB was downloaded. It is in the pdf form .

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